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Provision of oral health education and dental packs (brushes, tooth paste, floss, mouthwash) to empower Kiwis to take control over their own dental health.  


Provision of dental treatment for Kiwis in financial hardship. See our smile files for examples of how we have revived smiles across New Zealand. 

Working with whanau (families),  and community leaders to reduce oral health inequalities and improve employment prospects. 





Revive a Smile charity recognises that many Kiwi families and senior persons living in rest homes are struggling to get by on minimum wage and dental treatment can often be costly. We help provide dental care and treatment plans for needy adults in such exceptional circumstances that would otherwise be unable to afford or access dental care. We offer training and oral health education to staff and residents at Rest homes and aged care facilities Each year on Valentines Day Revive a Smile runs a free dental clinic for people in this category of need with the concept of "giving back" love to the community we care so much about.     


Revive A Smile provides dental treatment, education and oral health parcels to refugees and new migrants. This includes people who have come to Aotearoa seeking asylum from war stricken countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Africa where dental care is not readily available. Our soon to be Kiwi friends come from all walks of life each with their own story of how they got to New Zealand. Many families have taken great risks to make it here and. It is a pleasure for our team to be able to help them settle into Kiwi life and provide them with much needed dental care.       


Revive A Smile provides care to NZ's homeless persons, rough sleepers and those utilising local Men and Women's Night Shelters. Such impoverished Kiwis barely have enough to make ends meet. Some have children and rely on soup kitchens for meals. They typically don’t own cars or any means of transport and often carry all their belongings with them. Oral health is not  a priority and teeth are left neglected for decades. Many of the homeless friends we have helped and treated had been living with chronic tooth ache for years. Revive A Smile also works closely with groups such as Victims Support and Women's Refuge to provide services for victims of abuse, domestic violence and assault.   


Revive A Smile is involved in various youth initiatives and provides oral health education, mentoring and dental products to young adults. We recognise that many youth don't have access to dental care because they are often unemployed (students) living away from home and are financially limited. Revive A Smile has participated in Youth Forums and sponsored various youth initiatives and local awards the Kia Kaha (overcoming adversity) award for the city's Recognyz Youth Awards. The chartiy also cares for pregnant women, young mothers and their babies to ensure that little Kiwis get the best start to life and dental health!

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