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Revive A Smile is a New Zealand based dental charity established in 2011 by volunteer Endodontist Dr. Assil Russell and run by a team of dental health professionals. Revive A Smile aims to reduce oral health disparities experienced by disadvantaged & impoverished Kiwis. Revive a Smile works to provide dental treatment, education and oral health products (such as toothpastes, tooth brushes, floss and mouth wash).  Revive A Smile provides dental care to various members and groups of the community including homeless persons, victims of domestic violence, refugee migrants, low income adults and the elderly. It aims to empower Kiwis to take control over their oral health by treating toothache and developing personal skills, enabling people to become active, healthy contributing members of society. 

Revive A Smile was founded on Dr. Russell's philosophy that "caring creates change". Dr. Russell is also founder of ICARE Medical charity for Iraqi orphans and set up Revive A Smile to care for at-need Kiwis in Aotearoa. The logo for Revive A Smile incorporates New Zealand's native bird the Kiwi which represents our mission of caring for all New Zealanders (Kiwis) in need. We are a dental charity that is purely about caring indiscriminately. We run Revive A Smile primarily from our charity mobile dental clinic in the Waikato. We fundraise tirelessly to keep our clinic running and rely heavily on volunteers. Click here to make a donation. If you are a dental or medical professional and would like to be a partner practice or volunteer please contact us. 

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