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Revive A Smile is a New Zealand based dental charity run by a team of dental health professionals based in the Waikato. Revive A Smile aims to reduce oral health disparities experienced by disadvantaged and impoverished Kiwis. The charity works by providing much needed dental treatment, education and oral health products to various members and groups of the community including homeless persons, victims of domestic violence, refugees, youth, low income adults and the elderly.

New Zealand Dental Charity 

Get involved with Revive a Smile! If you would like to volunteer or make a donation of funds or oral health products we would love to hear from you. Drop us a note today!

If your access to dental care is limited due to cost you may be eligible for Revive a Smile aid.  We can also provide you with advice and support. Contact us today.

Revive a Smile aims to empower impoverished people to take control over their oral health and become active, healthy contributing members of society. 


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